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01 ENG: What is Polybrush?

Polybrush - is a new 3D editor created specifically for artists.

The main difference in approach to the creation of 3D models as a drawing. You just draw the model strokes, which are hanging in space. 3D brushes may have any form, including composed of several objects. A change in their trajectory, deformation and color may depend, for example, from the tablet pen pressure. You can select desired parameters and use your objects inside brush to make a huge library of brushes. More than a hundred brushes is already included in Polybrush Full Edition just for example.

There is also a brushes for sculpting, voxel tools and unusual tool for very quick drawing rotation bodies.

Concepts and models, created in Polybrush and even Brushes stored in OBJ files supported by most 3D editors.

The program is written by one person for two and a half years, ie me, 3D-artist. Without brushes archive weighs just few megabytes and runs for a couple of seconds. If you want, you can download Portable version as archive instead of the installer and simply run the program.

You don't need a lot of time to study, It's actually a three-dimensional Photoshop.

The video shows the main features of Polybrush and the results of use, you will immediately see how it saves time. I waiting for your artworks!

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