Arseniy Korablev

Author of this software is a 3D artist born in 1993.
Link to portfolio:
Youtube channel:
Facebook page: profile:
Awards list: CG Choice 3D Award "Rusty Sky" awards:
ArtTalk 3D Award: 3D Award:
Artworks, articles, interviews, bio, making of's, was published in:
2010 [England] 3D Artist
2010 [England] 3D World
2011 [Canada] 3D Graphics
2011 [China] CG World
2011 [China] CG World
2011 [China] Marsera
2011 [England] Digital Art Masters v6
2011 [India] Animation Reporter
2011 [Russia] Arqute
2012 [England] 3D world
2013 [England] Advanced Photoshop
2013 [Australia] Expose 11
2013 [China] CG Elite
2014 [England] Steampunk Graphics


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