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Process of creating new version

It's worth to show the progress of development new Polybrush version!
Polybrush 0.44 (release in end of April)
Sculpting becoming better (using surface normals), added handy panel with favorite brushes, you can access those brushes in any moment. Favorite brushes saving as _default.obj library and restores after restart.
In the end of last video (Acarus) I showed textures. It can be assigned to meshes using few simple projections (look at modificator stack at second screenshot). UV Blur modificator -for example when you add a new stroke, you can smooth out the UV coordinates so that the texture is slightly would chip at him. Also UV coordinates saves after remesh.
There are some problems with seams and export, so more I will not tell. Last thing I can say - textures can be used as background of workplane (for example, for references), and converted to textured planes in scene.

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