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Polybrush 0.43

Free beta test is extended by 2 months, until June!


This is a new version, with a few important updates:
- Bones, is a all-purpose tool for drawing by points, to create a base mesh, or for deformation. More info in the video.
- Mode with 4 viewports (orthographic projections)
- Now it's possible to give names for brushes
- Changed interface of brush settings, now there is a switch between the usual brush and sculpting
- Changed preview for sculpt brushes
- Added mode "Random brush after every stroke" and random objects inside brush
- Swap Y-Z axis switch for Brush tool (useful to make for perpendicular to workplane)
- Fixed remesh bug that makes black polygons
- Hotkeys '[' and ']' for brush radius
- New cursor
- This version will work until 1 May, after that new beta (until 01.06) will be released.

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